MEASURES  CORONAVIRUS as of 17-03-2020

Our government has introduced several measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The practice of Alternatieve Diergeneeskunde does everything possible to maintain the service as you expect from us as much as possible. However, the health of you and our employees is paramount.

What measures do we take and ask you?

  • We draw our clients ‘and employees’ attention to the hygiene measures of RIVM and the national government.
  • We ask our clients and employees to be alert to symptoms, coughing / coughing, colds and / or fever.
  • We ask our employees not to come to work during a cough / cough, cold, sore throat and / or fever, and limit our social contacts.
  • In order to have as few people as possible together in our waiting room, we would like to ask you to attend an appointment with a maximum of 1 person and your animal (s).
  • Please do not sit next to each other in the waiting room, but at a distance of at least 1.5 meters. This can be done by sitting opposite of each other or when the seats are already occupied, waiting outside.
  • If you prefer not to come, you can reschedule the appointment at no extra cost despite the normal rule about calling off.
  • If you do not feel well, such as having a cold, coughing… with or without a fever, we would appreciate it if you cancel the appointment. If in doubt, first call the clinic at tel. 020-6656655.
  • If your animal really needs a consultation, please ask somebody else to bring your animal.
  • We do not shake hands, and wash / disinfect our hands as well as the treatment tables very regularly.
  • We request that you disinfect your hands yourself before entering the practice.
  • Our cash register, ATM, coffee machine will be disinfected after use.
  • We immediately stop making visits at home.

• We review the situation every day and adjust the measures if necessary.


Thank you.

The Team of Alternatieve Diergeneeskunde


Centrum Alternatieve Diergeneeskunde makes exclusive use of non- regular medicines in its treatment of small animals. We are specialized in dogs, cats, rodents and horses.

At this center of Alternative Veterinarian Treatment we accept that every animal has it’s own uniqueness with it’s own needs. According to this philosophy we estimate what is best for your animal.

Appointments can be scheduled or changed by phone not by E-mail. You can call during office hours.


You can come to the center for:


  • Acupuncture according to the method of Eric Laarakker. Certified veterinarian Caspar Broekman and therapiste Annette de Vogel are treating animals aimed to improve the individual.
  • A homeopathic (incl. bioresonance) consult with our homeopath Stephanie Peter (also fythotherapy as wel as Schüssler-salts)
  •  Natural foods and snacks without artificial additives, such as Carnibest, TamRo, fresh-meat rolls, tripe, Dog and Cat Lovers Gold, cat and dogchews.

In case of strict EMERGENGIES you can call 06-110 60 110. This number can not be used for making/ or chaging appointments. We don’t use WhatsApp or SMS.


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