Stephanie Peter is a qualified homeopath for animals.

When she was young she knew she wanted to work with animals. She desired to work in a the holistic way (total approach of all the complaints and diseases of the animal, because it is always intertwined).
From 2001 she folowed the four-year bachelor’s degree at the School for Homeopathy in Amersfoort.
In addition, she completed several courses deepened in the homeopathic treatment according to Hildegard Dijkgraaf (VHCN – Veterinary Homeopathic College Netherlands), the so called ”Ziekteclassificatie”.
Here we give, next to the character and the symptoms, a lot of attention to hereditary burdening (e.g. by race), disease by chemical influences and the approach of chronic complaints with their blockades.


In addition to homeopathy, phytotherapy and cell salts Stephanie also works with bio-resonance since 2008, in combination with a biotensor. In this therapy resonance on an energetic level is used (the level of vibrations, frequencies) to test through which substances the animal gets sick. Increasing (environmental) toxins burdening the body of the animals often cause a lot of chronic diseases such as: allergies, parasites, dermatitis, chronic itching, infections, and behavioral disorders. Other causes of disturbances could be vaccinations, medications or nutrients. With the BICOM® (bio-resonance device) these could be diagnosed and therapized.


Stephanie usually opts for a combined treatment with at least two treatments.
Duration (first) consultation: approx. 1 to 1.5 hours


You can plan a direct appointment with Stephanie (tel. 06-51280765)
Centrum Alternatieve Diergeneeskunde – Schalk Burgerstraat 140 in Amsterdam:

Thursday (11 am – 7:15 pm) and
Friday (11 am – 5 pm).

You can of course always change your appointment if the time is not right. Keep in mind that this is only possible free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, a half-consultation will be charged for the non-fulfilled appointment.

Rates (not including the remedies and herbs)

Consultation/Advice meeting dogs and cats        € 75.00
Consultation with other small pets                        € 50.00

The Centrum also offers the opportunity for a combined consultation between Stephanie and another therapist and/or a veterinarian of the Centrum.
Ask for the special rates.