Annette de Vogel works with therapies such as Acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs, Osteopathy, Cranio Sacral, Nutritional advice, Orthomolecular, Homeopathy, various Blossom therapies and Naturopathy.
Annette bases her treatment on the individual animal and his her personal weaknesses. In her many years of practical experience, she has, where applicable, also made the combination of both regular and non-regular medication. Thanks in part to her pharmacology training, she can properly estimate the effects and efficacy of the various medicines and herbs prescribed by doctors/specialists.
For a number of years she has been affiliated with the Den Hoek animal practice in De Bilt, both as a trainee and later as a freelancer.

Her background and education:
TCM Acupuncture and Nutrition / Orthomolecular / Western medicine at the Academy of Natural Medicine in Hilversum (5 year course)
With the additional subjects: Naturopathy / Homeopathy / Phytotherapy / Iridology
The following short studies were followed: Osteopathy for dogs and horses, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, Basic Medical Knowledge, Pharmacology and Lecher antenna
She measures tissues and organs with the lecher antenne. Together with Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is an important way to arrive at a complete treatment plan.
In addition to the short studies, she has, over the years, followed many additional training courses in various fields. Annette now has extensive experience in treating horses, dogs, cats and people in her own practice in Zeewolde.
Her involvement and passion for animals are also visible in her private life. Since 2012, she has been one of the driving forces behind various sterilization projects in Romania. In addition, she is involved in the adoption and placement of foreign dogs, thereby involving both physical complaints and behavioral problems. The Bird itself has 6 foreign dogs as roommates.

Why did she make this switch to this practice?
After more than 20 years working in her own practice, she felt the need to literally seek collaboration with colleagues. The Center for Alternative Veterinary Medicine Amsterdam has proved to be a very inspiring place for her.
“In addition to the fact that collaboration with colleagues gives a lot of inspiration, you make use of each other’s knowledge and skills, so that you can study and treat the symptoms even wider and deeper. Which in the end is only in the interest of the animal and humans ”, says Annette.

For appointments in Zeewolde on Tuesday and Wednesday and Amsterdam on Monday and Thursday you can also call on 06-22428083 or specifically for Amsterdam 020-6656655
The costs of a consultation are € 79, excluding the herbs and other resources. The Center also offers you the option of a combined consultation with Annette and another therapist and / or veterinarian. Ask for the special rates.