Bianka1Bianka van de Klomp is a qualified Animal Osteopath.


She has always had the intention to work with animals. To achieve this, they started training human (for people) physiotherapy in Utrecht. After obtaining this degree, she went on to study for Animal Osteopath at ICREO. In May 2010, she completed the study, and they received the diploma.


The amazingly good results they achieved in the treatment of animals, she was motivated to start at college Sutherland in Amsterdam. Osteopathy training for people This six -year program provides a deeper and a better understanding of osteopathy. In 2015 Bianka also hopes to achieve her human osteopathic diploma.


Via a patient Bianka came  in contact with the practice of veterinary medicine Alternative to Amsterdam. By October 2013 it is even weekly on Wensday in practice.


What is osteopathy ?
The name comes from the Greek osteopathy. Osteos means ‘bone’ and pathos meaning ‘suffering’. From this translation means osteopathy suffering the bones detection to correct them. Then
The word pathos means ’emotion’ and ‘feeling’, remember the words empathy (empathy) and sympathy (empathy, panning). From this meaning indicates osteopathy on the “feel”, and the “movement” of the bone.


Research and treatment are carried out from a total approach to the complaint. A search for vertebral blockages and loss of movement in the bones, joints and muscles (the musculoskeletal system), in the internal organs with blood vessels and lymphatic system (the body system) and the skull bones, the sacrum and the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (the craniosacral system).


To make an appointment, please call:
• Center Alternative Veterinary Treatment in Amsterdam call tel 020-6656655
• Bianka van de Klomp on the phone # 06-45534431
or mail to :
• gb.vandeklomp @


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