Energy layers

Energy layers

Holo means whole. Holistic veterinary care is a kind of veterinary care in which aspects like emotion, energy and spirituality play a more important role than in regular veterinary care.
In order to understand how regular and alternative therapies are related it is necessary to explain something about energy layers.
Energy therapies like acupuncture, osteopathy and other therapies deal with frequencies, also called energies.
These frequencies exist outside the scope of our usual perception and thus can only be measured or noticed with the use of instruments and / or intuition.
In diagnosis and treatment of the animal we look at the animal’s physical as well as it’s energetic system.
The Chinese call this energy Chi, which resembles the Greek word ‘pneuma’, in yoga ‘prana’ and in Latin ‘spiritis vitalis’. This energy is not limited to the outside of the animal’s fur, it is part of something bigger. We can distinguish three layers of energy and each layer has a set of characteristics.


Physical layer
This layer is to be found at 0 – 10 cm and for a dog at 0 – 5 cm distance from the body. All physical ailments are to be found here.

Emotional layer
The emotional layer is to be found at a distance of 5 to 20 cm of the dog or at 10 to 30 cm of a human being . Emotional problems are to be found here.

Spiritual layer
At a distance of more than 30 cm for humans and more than 20 cm for a dog is the spiritual layer . The personal spiritual tasks are to be found in this layer as well as inherited family patterns. In this outer layer are also the chakra’s which play an important role in the transmittance with the outside world.

Western Approach
In western approach one looks at a disease in relationship to the physical functions of the animal. The medical model is based on the assumption that the world and therefore also the animal is entirely built out of matter. By studying matter one can get an insight in the animal’s functions and the development of the disease.
By these investigations we can extract an idea about the values ( for example the standard level of the blood – test ) . A deviation can lead to a disease. Which can be treated by recovering the standard through chemical and/or physical intervening.

Long before Western medical treatment, other methods of healing, developed from a different source, came into being with a fundamental different approach to disease. One example of this is Traditional Chinese Medicine. The people in ancient China adopted an energetic model to explain people, animals and surroundings. The changing seasons, the growth of crops, people growing older and many more things were explained by this energetic model

As we mentioned before energy does not stop on the surface of the fur. The further we distance ourselves from the animal the more also emotional and spiritual aspects will be important in the quality of vibration that surround the animal. For instance Ayurvedic and Bach blossom therapy as well as homeopathic solutions higher then D30 are dealing with the spiritual layer. Awareness and intuition are issues here.

In this part our ideas, visions and unfortunately also our dogma’s come into fruition.
Treatment is aimed at solving thoughts that became stuck and to utilize the qualities that are inherent in every individual. Ultimately, more energy will flow back to the physical layer.

To resume:
The difference between holistic and regular veterinary care is a difference in approach.
Regularly ( Western ) the attention is at the physical layer, for the holistic vet the emotional and spiritual layer of the disease are just as important. Not only the disease, but also the circumstances like emotions play part in the treatment.

If you want to read more about different therapies, please continue to read on under ‘methods’.
To determine energy and what blocks it, a variety of techniques are being used.
In Chinese acupuncture we diagnose by observing the tongue and pulse. They can tell us if elements and the energies that belong to them, are in or out of balance. Instruments exist to measure distinctive layers of energy. If you are interested in this, please read ‘methods of measuring’ under philosophy.