The disease can only then be understood, when her relationship to the whole is known. Ted. J. Kaptchuk

I worked as a regular vet for years before I chose to treat my patients in a more individual way. In regular veterinary, which really is rather mechanical, there is little room for this.

After many detours and of course education I chose to set up my own practice. Not with the intention to throw away the customary profession, but out of necessity, accommodating the animals. One thing doesn’t necessarily exclude the other, a pure holistic approach seems preferable. In this conviction one looks at the animal from a physical, as well as in an emotional and spiritual angle. The surroundings are important, think about food, another cat or dog and many other factors. Thus, it becomes possible to provide suitable treatment without overlooking the individual animal. With a little respect, more gratitude then expected will be returned. This, unfortunately, I had to learn along the way, from the animals. In my work I try to value animal and human in their own inner worth and to stimulate their self recovery abilities. Animals can do without people very well and in a lot of cases a little guiding help is sufficient to get them on track again.

Caspar Broekman