Consultation: 79 euros

Vaccicheck appointment 49,50; during ordinary consult 30



Animals additionally insured with a “ziektenkosten pakket extra” at Proteq get the acupuncture treatment refunded. With Pet Plan your animal is standard insured for acupuncture and homeopathy. Foodaditives (like glucosamiden) and most of the medication is not refunded. Animals insured at Piko Bello are no longer eligible for refunds.


At the time of this writing we discovered a lot of new insurance companies dealing with animal insurances. For us it is no longer possible to update our knowledge on this. We would be very happy to share any knowledge on this subject.

Please check the details before taking an insurance and if any doubt take a written contact with the insurance company.

ADA is on the official list of acupuncturist from the SNVA.