Why alternative?


In many cases, the treatment provided by Centrum Alternatieve Diergeneeskunde is sufficient to deal with the disease in question. Of course, there are other cases in which the additional use of regular treatment and/or medicines is necessary. Conventional treatment can be sought from your regular vet and can vary from taking X-rays to prescribing a course of antibiotics.


What is being treated?


> Chronic complaints such as diarrhea and vomiting, itching, allergies and back problems.
> Urination problems in tomcats, asthma, chronic colds, lack of resistance.
> Acute complaints such as hernia of the spine, problems with the muscles and joints.
> Behavioral problems.


Half yearly check-up


The objective of our method of treatment is not only to fight disease, but also to improve the general well-being of the animal. In order to help achieve these objectives, the center offers a twice-yearly checkup. During these check-ups your animal is thoroughly examined and, when necessary, some “fine-tuning” is done.


Making an appointment


The center can be called from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Closed on Tuesadays

You can visit the clinic only by first making an appointment.

Appointments can only be made by calling the following number: (020) 665 66 55
It’s possible that you will be connected to our mobile telephone. Please leave your name and number so we can call you back as soon as possible.


You are requested to bring the following items to the appointment:


– All medical records, including X-rays, blood tests, etc.
– All drugs being taken, including food additives and alternative treatments such as homeopathic medicine .
– In some cases, especially for skin and intestine problems, samples of the normal food and all the extras need to be brought along for testing.




Qualified veterinarian, Caspar Broekman, and his team work exclusively with non-regular medicines such as homeopathy, flower remedies and gemmo therapy. “Animals react extremely well to this natural way of healing. This was the main reason for me to start using alternative medicine. I also find that it suits me better as a person and I’m convinced that this method is also better for the well-being of the animals”.

Broekman has been working as a regular veterinarian since 1997 and has been using alternative methods for diagnosis and treatment since 2002.

Recently Bianka van de Klomp qualified osteopath for animals, Stephanie Peter qualified homeopath for animals and last but not least veterinarian Eleonore op de Beeck have joint our team.




– DVM at the University of Utrecht.
– Acupuncture course NAAV with a thesis about hip dysplasia.
– Course on the use of the Connectietensor and the Lecher antenna.
– Two years of training and apprenticeship at the Holistic Practice for Animals, Den Hoek.
– One year veterinary acupuncture course (IVAS) with examination in United states.
– Fytotheraputical education.




Consultation: 79 euros




Animals additionally insured with a “ziektenkosten pakket” at Proteq get the acupuncture treatment refunded. With Pet Plan your animal is standard insured for acupuncture and homeopathy. Foodaditives (like glucosamiden) and most of the medication is not refunded.
Animals insured at Piko Bello are no longer eligible for refunds.

At the time of this writing we discovered a lot of new insurance companies dealing with animal insurances. For us it is no longer possible to update our knowledge on this. We would be very happy to share any knowledge on this subject.

Please check the details before taking an insurance and if any doubt take a written contact with the insurance company.

The center is on the official list of acupuncturist from the SNVA.