Because the composition of the saliva of dogs and cats is different from humans, their digestive process starts in the stomach and not in the mouth, unlike ours. There is no cleansing effect from the saliva. Flour products and sugars are harmful to their teeth. Dogs and cats naturally keep their teeth clean by tearing pieces of raw meat and to pick and nibble raw meaty bones. Bones are a source of minerals! Cooked bones splinter very easily and are highly dangerous. By giving only bones you run the risk of constipation, but not in bones with meat still on it.

  • For cats is 2x per week chicken neck or a meal of duck wing enough.
  • For small dogs lamb ribs or a raw marrow pipe, and for large dogs fight for example cows joints, cow ribs or a raw marrow pipe a few times a week after the meal are a great way to clean teeth and free from scale to.

Give to dogs bone preferably only half hour after dinner, when the hunger pangs away.
If you don’t want stains on your carpet you can give Matatabi-sticks (not meal) to the cat and bovine skin dogchews from Farm Food (stain free) to the dog.