dry & canned

The main advantages of lumps and canned food is that they are easy to use and that they can keep long.
A disadvantage is the uncertainty about the quality of raw materials. The “game and poultry” for instance, may well mean that this is ground chicken feathers and offal  in powder form. The quality of the good fats can vary, as well as the kind of fats that are added.
Another disadvantage is the composition. The percentage of carbohydrates (often between 25% and 45%) is far too high and cause of obesity, and scale, particularly in cats, diabetes. Other additions, such as beet pulp (a filler), sugar, spices and artificial substances are not healthy.
In short, dry food and canned food are very far from a natural, healthy diet. For those for whom fresh food is not an option, there are a limited number of fairly good brands of pellets and canned food available.
Varied and fresh is always better.