transfer to raw

Especially in cats is not always easy. Although some cats easily change their menu  many cats prefer, whether it is good or bad for them, what they have learned as a kitten to eat. The transition to fresh food will often have to go very gradually. This requires a lot of patience from the owner, sometimes a few months.

With dogs, however this is generally a lot easier. Still you have to take a period of roughly 2 weeks into account for the dogs stomach and intestine to get used to the fresh food.

For the digestion of raw meat and raw bones is a more acidic stomach is needed compared to dry food and canned food. The intestinal flora must also adapt.

In many cases, after a while there will be more hair loss. This is a natural process. The body is in a major cleaning.  Over time, the animal will have a healthier coat and  recover less molt.

The obese animals will slowly lose wait and become more energetic.

Usually dogs lose their typical dog air.

Animals who were fed only pellets, will start to drink less. The fresh food is already containing a large proportion of moisture.