Everyone knows now how important fresh and varied diet without artificial additives, for as long as possible to stay healthy. The consequences of a wrong diet, artificial flavor, coloring, flavorings and preservatives often take years to express.

The same is also true for our pets!!!
Despite the fact that dogs and cats for centuries part of human society, their digestive system over the centuries unchanged and still equal to that of their wild ancestors, the wolf and wild cats.

The natural menu of the cat for 99% of meat (and bones and skin) and 1% herbs and grasses.
For the dog, the approximately 2/3 the of meat (and bones and skin) and 1 / 3 the green (originally mainly from the rumen of prey animals), fruits (blackberries, berries), ed…
For their physical and mental wellbeing is therefore important to make sure that they get the food where their system is built. Although other causes (eg genetic) play a role to prevent it by providing the proper nutrition that often bodies, such as kidneys, intestines and skin, although a relatively young age overloaded with all the misery that entails. Moreover, the muscle more, the molt less and the risk of obesity and diabetes will be reduced. Many animals are also much less attractive, for example fleas. An additional bonus is that the relief will be much firmer and less.
Of course we are not advising to feed our cat live mice and birds at home or sheep and chickens for the dog.
Fortunately, there are now complete fresh meat (frozen) products in various flavors, closely resembling the natural menu. These products are generally good quality and increasingly available.
Another option is to go “Barf” (Barf for Bones And Raw Food). This is much more work and you should have proper knowledge to make a well balanced diet for your pet. More information can be found on the Internet.
It is not to solely feed raw heart or fish to your animal. This is far too one-sided.
For dogs it is advisable to feed dirty pin 1x per week. It does not make them smell, but will it allow their gut flora remains in good condition.
If your dog loves to fruit, give him / her quiet piece that apple, mandarin, banana, a few blackberries or something similar, except for grapes. For some dogs grapes and chocolate, may be fatal.
Give your cat and dog a fish or raw organic egg every now and then.