To support a treatment and / or to promote health sometimes additional dietary supplements are prescribed . This includes vitamins , minerals , fatty acids.

Diabetes in cats
The main reasons are lack of exercise and an excess of easily digestible carbohydrates in the food of our cats . In addition to a special diet without carbohydrates also spices and / or nutritional supplements can be given.
Chromium, zinc and magnesium are known minerals that are used as a dietary supplement . In addition, herbs that contain anuline delay the absorption of sugar from the intestine.
Adding soluble fiber to the diet slows gastric emptying and thus the slows the absorption of sugar .
The minerals , herbs and fiber together provide for gradual absorption of sugars from the intestine into the blood . Causing less instability in blood sugar levels and healthier patient .

Osteoarthritis / Osteoarthritis
Articular cartilage is an active tissue that is constantly being broken down and rebuilt ( remodeled ) by chondrocytes and that is mainly fed by the joint fluid ( synovial fluid ) . There is no blood flow in the cartilage feeding it.
Locally there is an increased breakdown and build-up of cartilage  in case of joint degeneration. With the emphasis on decomposition . Free radicals and degradation then ensure an inflammatory response .

Besides dosed movement , physiotherapy , acupuncture and preventing obesity articular cartilage  may also be supported using dietary supplements.  In most cases a preparation of glucosamine and chondroїtine is prescribed .
Glucosamine and chondroїtine are naturally present in the body .
Glucosamine is a natural amino sugar in particular, for building and repair of cartilage . Chondroїtine , a protein molecule , determines the elasticity.

In food supplements, the chondroїtine almost always made ​​from bovine cartilage ( in rare cases from shark cartilage ) .
The glucosamine is prepared from shellfish and on the basis of a genetically modified fungus.

Nowadays, it is believed that additional glucosamine salts, glucosamine sulphate and in particular (HS) may be useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also given. Especially EPA and DHA contain supplements which may have a strong anti-inflammatory action .

Beside diabetes and arthritis of course there are many other reasons to use supplements . Think for example of chronic intestinal disorders in which the intake of vitamins and minerals disturbed , chronic (skin) inflammation , etc..