Schüssler salts

Dr. Schüsslers cellsalt therapy

Salts dissolved in water change into ions with an electric charge. Because of this it is no surprise that they play an important role in the watery of the human and animal body. The ions interfere with the metabolism of the cell in the body. Salts are actively or passively transported through the cell membrane. Liver and kidneys play an important role in keeping and excreting the salts. When, for instance because of stress, to little water intake, vaccination, etc. the kidneys and liver are out of balance, the mineral balance is also disturbed. As a consequence the plasma with is flowing around the cells will change.

The cell salts from dr. Schüssler give a signal to the cell membrane, so the cell can restore there deficiency in salts. In order to have this effect the salts are being gritted in a special way and not shaken like in homeopathic medicine. In this way the mineral content in the cells is improved.

Another difference is that homeopathic diluted and potentized medicine stimulate the body to excrete the salt in stead of restoring there balance.

Supplements, like used in orthomolecular therapy, lack of salt are being supplemented. Both a totally different approach than the Schüsslers cellsalt therapy.

There are 12 cell salts which were later supplemented with 12 added salts (including manganese and copper) with all different indications. I often use the cell salts in combination with other agents, but it can also be applied as a stand-alone therapy