Essential oils


Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants. You could say that the soul of the plant is stored in the oil. The oils contain herbal ingredients who have an emotional effect, because of their influence on the olfactory center in the small brains. Oils can also have a physical effect.
Thyme for example works as an expectorant, Tea tree antiviral and antibacterial, Geranium is skin healing, Lavender numbs the nerve endings in the skin and is used when an animal is itching.
Essential oils are very powerful tools that can also be harmful when used incorrectly. Good advice is necessary.

Here’s a few tips.
-The oils must first pure and of good quality.
-Can often be applied to the skin directly.
-Some oils can be used internally, but a lot of absolutely not.
Can all be harmful.-In cats great reluctance, even evaporate

APPLICATION OF OILS, depending on the complaint.