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Herbs have been the only means of support from the beginning of time until the late 19th century In many countries this is still the case.
The use of herbs to promote healing is called phytotherapy .
In herbal medicine , the whole herb or a portion of the plant is used, thereby maintaining the composition of the various components . In addition to the active substance in a plant , the other substances also have a function. Many substances can be toxic or harmful to an organism and it is the combination and interaction of these components ensure that harmful remnants are removed or neutralized . This causes a lot of herbs in general to have a mild effect . This is not to say that they cannot have undesirable effects. Just like regular medicine, herbal medication can have side effects.
There may also be interactions with other regular medication given to your pet.
We are always willing to give more information to your vet about the herbs used .



Herbs is probably the most natural form of medication to animals . Until a few generations ago animals had little or no access to the current regular medications such as deworming and flea repellents , antibiotics , etc. . They had to rely on their own instincts to keep their health on track and therefore ate herbal plants. For example to solve a shortage of nutrients ( minerals and vitamins ) , a surplus of parasites ( fleas and worms ) or pollution ( diarrhea and vomiting ).
This instinct is still present . You can see this when you are taking the dog ( or cat ) to walk, they smell not only smells of other animals . If you look carefully you will see that they also have a lot of interest in certain plants and sometimes they take a bite of it also . Like other odors , the smell of a plant to the olfactory center in the small brains . In case of an imbalance , an animal should be able to determine whether he / she should be eating that plant or not. The last century, dogs , cats and rabbits increasingly became pet animals. Combined with the increasing urbanization have given them less access to natural medicines , including herbal , so they can hardly develop this instinct anymore



The administration form is dependent on the availability , the type of condition and the animal.

Single – loose, this is divided into fresh and dried. The fresh herb is actually always preferred but due to availability this is often not possible and we often use the dried form .

– Granulate: a freeze-dried form of the herb. In our clinic most Chinese herbs are used in this form. They become more powerful and thus cheaper in use.
– Tincture , the herb is drawn in alcohol in this hereby has the advantage that it is easy to dose and to administer .
– Capsules , herein is a measured quantity of the dried and powdered herb.
– Ointment for external use such as the famous Calendula ointment and arnicazalf .
– Composite herbal products , by mixing herbs can get a strengthening of the operation or even just give a different emphasis to the action