Bach remedies


Bach flower remedies have been developed in the thirties by Dr. Edward Bach. They work on the emotional level . They are made of blossoms whose vibration has been absorbed in water.
The philosophy behind the remedies is based on the principle that an imbalance in the emotional level can work through to the physical level in which way a disease may develop.

The 38 Bach Remedies are divided into 7 groups .
– Uncertainty
– Insufficient interest in the here and now
– Loneliness
– Hypersensitivity
– Despair
-Overanxiety of the welfare of others .



Fear can, for example ensure that an animal gets cramped muscles and thereby back problems , urinary problems or constipation will develop. Another example is that a dog that is to much focused on his owner , starts itching when he/she feels any emotional upset with her/his owner.


Besides the physical problems that can cause an imbalance Bach Flower Essences are also grateful means to address many behavioral problems such as panic , anxiety and aggression. Even after trauma , shock or operations Bach Flower Remedies can be used to promote recovery.
Often it is wise to combine with additional measures such as behavioral therapy , massage / TTouch or a change in the environment of the animal. Sometimes determining the appropriate remedy for an animal can be simple , such as Olive in stress exhaustion , illness or after surgery and Walnut after a move or change.
Often we need more information and therefore need time to figure out what the best cure for your pet is . In this case, we advise you to make an appointment.